Board of Directors Elections 2019-2020 Candidate Information

The Board of Directors of PARIM consists of delegates from groups of Residency Training Programs. Each group of Programs elects its own Board member or members. Below is the information on each of the candidates in the 2019-2020 Board election.

To access the section in the Bylaws on Board of Directors groupings Article 5, please click here.
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“Primary Care” Grouping – one Representative to be elected to the Board

Dr. Josh Aquin, PGY-2 Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Hello all! Thanks for considering me for the Primary Care Board position. My name is Josh Aquin, and I am a PGY-2 in Public Health/Family Medicine. I’ll keep this brief. As a Board member, I will ensure that the interests of residents in Primary Care specialties are well-represented, especially during a time of significant institutional changes in Primary Care. I am not one to shy away from challenging conversations, and will advocate for your needs at an organizational level. In a prior life I served as board secretary with a local volunteer organization, and more recently worked with PARIM as a member of the Governance Committee. It is my hope that I will be able to carry the knowledge and experience gained in these roles into a more active position representing Primary Care residents on the PARIM Board. Thanks for your consideration!

Dr. Dmitri Krassioukov-Enns, PGY-2 Family Medicine, Urban Stream
Dmitri Krassioukov-Enns
PGY-2 Urban Family Medicine
University of Manitoba Medicine Graduate
I am running for PARIM Board of Directors because I strongly believe my diverse life and work experience and broad skillset can help the Board pursue and make drastic, meaningful, and long-lasting changes to medical resident training governance for the present and the future. I have held numerous leadership and advocacy roles in my life and throughout my medical and graduate training. These include major retail company management, University of Manitoba Senate and department head hiring committees, non-profit non-governmental organization governance, and various national sport federation governance committees. That diversity of experience will allow me to approach the growing challenges we residents face daily in the rapidly changing political, economic, and medical climates which appears to have devalued our contributions to effective healthcare in this province and detracted from our overall training. I want to be part of the team that works to build upon the work of our colleagues to improve our standing, compensation, respect, and most importantly a safe, effective, and excellent training for our individual and collective futures.

“Medicine” Grouping – two Representatives to be elected to the Board

Dr. Nicole Cousins, PGY-1 Psychiatry
Heya! My name is Nicole Cousins, and I am a PGY1 in psychiatry looking to contribute to the University of Manitoba resident community as a Medicine Program Delegate.
I am applying for the role because I am passionate about representing, connecting with, and advocating for my fellow colleagues. Not only do I see the importance of ensuring everyone has a nurturing and positive learning and work environment, I think we should have some fun too! My previous roles in medical school as social and advocacy chairs provides me with the experience to confidently represent the medicine cohort, while also valuing the importance of a work-life balance.
As well, as someone new to Winnipeg, I hope to bring an outside perspective and immerse myself into my new and exciting community!
It would be an immense privilege to represent my fellow medicine colleagues, and I thank you for considering me as one of your Medicine Program Delegates!

Dr. Rebekah Ritberg, PGY-4 Medical Oncology
Dear Residents,
My name is Rebekah Rittberg and I am a PGY-4 in Medical Oncology. During my time in Internal Medicine, I have been involved in the residency program including fundraising and event organization, as well as serving on advisory communities for Postgraduate Medical Education advocating for resident’s needs. I am an effective communicator and a strong advocate and would like to represent the medicine specialties as your board member. I have just completed my Core Internal Medicine training and understand the difficulties and challenges that residents may face. I will do my best to represent your needs and hope that you will vote for me.

Dr. Rachel Wong, PGY-4 Hematology
My name is Rachel Wong, and I have just moved to Manitoba from Alberta for my hematology residency. This is my third move across the country as part of my medical studies, having also lived in Vancouver and Hamilton prior to Calgary. I may be new to Winnipeg, but I believe that I can utilize my past experiences in other provinces to the benefit of PARIM membership. I hope to be a strong advocate for my fellow residents, particularly when it comes to contract negotiations. Resident wellness is another area that I will seek to promote through the position on the Board of Directors, as I have seen firsthand the common difficulties us residents have in balancing our careers and personal lives. Finally, I must say that I am excited to meet many new faces through my involvement in PARIM. Thank you for your consideration!

“Peri-Operative” Grouping – two Representatives to be elected to the Board

Dr. Ryan Foyle, PGY-3 Anesthesia
My name is Ryan Foyle and I am a third-year anesthesia resident. I am hoping to be chosen as one of the peri-operative representatives on the PARIM board of directors. As an anesthesia resident, we interact and work closely with all of the different peri-operative programs on a daily basis. I think this provides a unique insight that will allow me to be a strong representative to the entire group. I have previous experience being a representative both as a medical student and as a resident. I was part of the MMSA for 3 years, I am the CBME resident representative for anesthesia, and I have been a part of numerous committees during this time. I will be a fair, rational, and strong advocate for the peri-operative programs if given the opportunity.

Dr. Alwyn Gomez, PGY-3 Neurosurgery
My name is Alwyn Gomez and I’m a PGY3 neurosurgery resident. For me PARIM’s role is to help create the best environment for residents to learn how to become great doctors and provide excellent care for patients. Practically I think the major issues we face are resident safety and work load.
Having a safe environment to work in is a necessity. Recent attempts to improve safety for healthcare workers has largely ignored residents. Whether it’s wanting to feel safe when walking to our car late at night, dealing with aggressive patients, or even just having our car not broken into overnight, residents have needs for safety that have not been met.
As residents we all work hard. There is a fine balance between providing patient care, obtaining learning opportunities and having a safe and reasonable work load. The correct mixture of this varies widely by program. While the collective agreement is an excellent starting point I feel that PARIM could do more to help facilitate residents in a program to have discussions with their PD when things are not ideal.
If these issues matter to you please vote for me for PARIM Board of Directors.

Dr. Sophie Zhu, PGY-2 Orthopedics
Hi guys! My name is Sophie Zhu and I’m a PGY-2 in orthopaedic surgery. For the past year I’ve been serving as one of your two PARIM representatives in the peri-operative grouping. I was working as the Co-Chair for the Social and Wellness committee creating and organizing fun events throughout the year with my team. We organized events like Beer + Botany, Deluca’s, the Spin events, Yoga in FH, the Book Club, the Halloween and Christmas parties, and the Welcome and End of the Year parties. I also created our new Instagram account @parim_docs, make sure to follow! I hope to continue creating new and exciting events for you guys and incorporate the recommendations brought forward by the social and wellness survey. I’m super approachable so don’t be shy to say hi and welcome new R1s! Come join the social and wellness committee, it’s no secret we have the most fun!

“Diagnostics” Grouping – one Representative to be elected to the Board

Dr. Henry Yu, PGY-1 Diagnostic Radiology
I’m a PGY1 in diagnostic radiology, a Nintendo superfan, and an aspiring chocolate connoisseur. I spent the past years fighting for better scientific literacy, for greater LGBTQ+ representation, and for stronger environmental protection. Throughout all of this, I’ve learned to be patient and compassionate, yet unwavering in my determination for what’s right.
No matter the cause, it’s both empowering and humbling to work together and advocate for change. That’s why I want to join PARIM. On the board of directors, I will use my prior experiences to help continue PARIM’s work in amplifying our voices and fending off the unfortunately familiar feelings of isolation and disempowerment. Residency’s hard; it’s dangerous to go alone!

Dr. Bryan Janzen, PGY-3 Radiation Oncology
I thoroughly enjoyed serving on the PARIM board of directors last year as the diagnostics representative. I was pleased to have the ability to chair the Financial Audit and Risk Committee and we were able to for the first time create a prospective budget and review it (previously we were operating on a retrospective budget) in conjunction with the treasurer. This will ensure that PARIM remains in good financial standing in the future. We also finalized the terms of reference for work within the committee and also created a social media policy for PARIM.
I was also able to advocate on several counts for call pay and scheduling discrepancies that came up throughout the year that were all resolved. If re-elected I plan to continue this advocacy for supporting residents as well as advocating for support for the partners of residents as well, and to continue to work to ensure that PARIM remains responsible and stable financially.
Thank you for your consideration and I hope to continue to represent and advocate for you well.

Dr. Rebecca Lang, PGY-4 Diagnostic Radiology
My name is Rebecca Lang, and I am a fourth year resident in the Diagnostic Radiology program. I grew up in Winnipeg, and completed my undergraduate degree at UBC before returning to Winnipeg for medical school and residency. At this point in my residency I feel I am more familiar with the various issues faced by residents. I am passionate about these issues and would welcome the opportunity to help shape and implement the PARIM platform this year. I would be honoured to represent the residents in the Diagnostics group.

“Rural, Remote, Bilingual” Grouping – one Representative to be elected to the Board

Dr. Julie Breau, Family Medicine, Bilingual
Subjective History:
28 y/o bilingual woman from New-Brunswick, known to PARIM for being most recent Chair of the Governance Committee and representative of the Rural Family Medicine program for PARIM in 2018-19. Presenting again with the same urgent need to be part of the wonderful team of PARIM to represent all residents. Present again since June 30th 2019 during the end of first year and since has an increase in feelings of need to be part of the team again. Nothing will make this feeling go away and the only thing that could make her feel better is being accepted into the team. She rates her motivation a 15/10 and she is dedicated 100% to make it right. She admits having other symptoms of positivity, organization, and leadership. She denies any symptoms of negativity, unpunctuality, or lack of motivation. She has recent contact with residency in Family Medicine Bilingual Stream.

Objective History:
PARIM representative in 2018-2019 for Rural Family Medicine
Chair of Governance Committee

Assessment: 28 y/o female with excellent background to be the candidate for PARIM Board of Directors for 2019-2020

Plan: Acceptance into PARIM Board of Directors
Thank you!

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