Benefits of being a PARIM Board Member

1. Make Your Voice Count: Contribute to improving the resident experience through a strong collective voice.

2. Keep Informed: Learn about new programs, benefits and research news.

3. Make a Difference: As a member, you are a vital part of an organization that promotes equal opportunity for residents and interns.

4. Stay Connected: Expand your network through social and educational events that keeps residents informed and connected at a national level.

Each program has a selection process in July of each year . There will be a meeting every two months where attendance of 5 of 6 meetings is required. At the end of the year if you fulfill this requirement your program will receive $500 to put towards their lounge or something that is for all the residents in the program.

Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.

Any accredited sub-specialty programs and fellowship programs that attend must be approved by the Executive. Each will receive $250 towards their program lounge or something for all residents within the program.

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