Top 10 Accreditation Facts

On November 18, 2013


Top 10 Accreditation Facts

1. Accreditation of Family Medicine and most Royal College residency programs is underway. The external survey team will visit February 23rd-28th, 2014.

2. Accreditation is your opportunity to openly and honestly evaluate, and help improve the quality of your residency program with complete anonymity.

3. Resident opinion is in fact the most important voice that the accreditors hear.

4. Residents complete the pre-accreditation survey. This information is used by PARIM to compile a final accreditation report.

5. All survey responses are completely anonymous.

6. The PARIM report is only seen by the resident member of the accreditation team.

7. Significant concerns about a training program should be identified by residents prior to the survey visit. Residents should develop group consensus amongst themselves and discuss any issues with PARIM and/or their program.

8. The survey team will meet with every resident (in small groups) during the survey visit in February.

9. Residents should meet as a group prior to the survey visit in February to set priorities for discussion with the accreditors.

10. Accreditation is an important impetus for program improvement and should be welcomed by residents. Being placed on probation does not affect the resident’s ability to graduate or to obtain a license and results in positive change within the program.

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Extended Deadline: November 18th, 2013

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