Academic Research

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Director of Research for the residency programs

Department Name Contact
Anesthesia Linda Girling 

ph no. 787-1414

Cardiac Surgery Dr. Rakesh C. Arora 258-1031

General Surgery 


Dr.Andrew McKay 787-1127

Obs/Gyne Dr. Lisa Avery 787-1984

Neurology Dr. Brian Schmidt
Pediatrics and Child Health Dr. Terry Klassen 977-5605
Psychiatry Dr. Jitender Sareen 

ph no. 787-7078

Orthopedic Surgery Dr.Jeff Leiter
Plastic Surgery Dr.S. Logsetty GC401 ? 820 Sherbrook Street 

Winnipeg, MB? R3A 1R9


Thoracic Surgery Dr.Sadeesh Srinathan GE617-820 Sherbrook Street 

Winnipeg, MB? R3A 1R9


Urology Dr.Darrel Drachenberg Z3015 ? 409 Tache Avenue 

Winnipeg, MB? R2H 2A6


Radiology Dr. Sandor Demeter

Gastroenterology Dr. C Bernstein
Cardiology Dr. D. Jassal

Pulmonary Med Dr. S Sharma
Nephrology Dr. D.Rush
Infectious diseases Dr. E Rubenstein rubenste@cc.umanitoba
Hematology Dr. Catherine Moltzan 


Critical Care medicine Dr. Paunovic Bojan
Medical Oncology Dr. Piotr Czaykowski 


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