Welcome BBQ

In the month of July of each year, new members are invited to attend a BBQ in the park. To get things rolling, PARIM puts on this annual event to meet and greet the new resident members. All members are invited to attend. This is a family event, and residents are encouraged to bring family members along, as there are play activities.

Halloween Party

In the month of October of each year, PARIM puts on a Halloween party for the members. Each member can bring a guest while they enjoy a haunted evening of fun. Come and enjoy this social event, dressed up in a costume. Prises are awarded for the three best costumes. Appetizers and drinks are served.

PARIM Holiday Party

In the month of November of each year, PARIM puts on a Holiday Party for members. Come and celebrate the festive season with fellow members and peers.

Resident Awareness Day

In the month of February of each year, our members are involved in knowing more about the benefits that PARIM offers. In an informal setting, with lunch provided, residents are given the opportunity to interact and ask questions that relate to matters concerning them.

Resident Appreciation Dinner

In the month of March of each year, PARIM hosts the resident appreciation dinner. Here, members are invited to a delicious meal in a luxury hotel. One of the highlights of the evening is the educator of the year award presented to the prominent educator.(go to Educator of The Year)

Resident Wellness Day

In the month of May of each year, PARIM puts on the Resident Wellness Day. We at PARIM strive to benefit our members well being. Some of the events include healthy lunches, massage therapy, and receiving information on mental health services.

Year End Party

In the month of May of each year, members will finish off in their programs, pursue further training through fellowship, or transfer into other universities to look into further training. This is a farewell event for those who are completing residency and moving on to pursue other avenues in their careers

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