As per the Collective Agreement, Medical Residents are required to maintain Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) professional liability and malpractice coverage. Non-medical Residents are required to maintain appropriate professional liability and malpractice insurance acceptable to the Employer.

The WRHA pays CMPA premiums on behalf of Residents and is responsible for paying 100% of the annual CMPA dues or insurance premiums above $625.

This means that:
1. A Resident should never have to pay CMPA directly (because the WRHA makes the payment on the resident’s behalf).
2. A Resident is responsible to contribute $625 to his/her CMPA dues for the year (as per Collective Agreement for 2014-2018). This amount comes out of a Resident’s pay in two separate deductions, usually late in the academic year.

When you receive your statement in the mail, it is for information only.  It is NOT an invoice; therefore, do not pay it.  If you pay it in error, you will need to contact CMPA directly to arrange for a refund.  PARIM cannot contact CMPA on your behalf due to privacy regulations.

CMPA: 1-800-267-6522

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