Resident Appreciation Dinner


Photos provided by Photography by Michele

Every year PARIM residents award outstanding attendings for their mentorship, guidance, and education.

Below is a list of 2015 recipients.

Dr Waye Resident of Year_2


Previous Winners:

2014-13 Dr. Martin Bunge Radiology Winner
Dr. Chris Christodoulou Anesthesiology Winner
Dr. Leanne Nause Family Medicine Winner
2012-11 Dr. Martin Bunge Radiology Nominated
Dr. Farrukh Hussain Internal Medicine Winner
Dr. Blair Hrabarchuk Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Jessica Kreviazuk Psychiatry Nominated
2011-10 Dr. Savas Menticoglou Obs. & Gyn Nominated
Dr. Aldrich Ong Radiation Oncology Nominated
Dr. Ken VanAmeyde Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. David Reimer Surgery Winner
2010-9 Dr. David Hooper Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Winner
Dr. Ken VanAmeyde Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Francisco Cordova Cardiology Nominated
2009-8 Dr. Michael Penrose Family Medicine Winner
Dr. Tony Battad Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Tim Hilderman Community Medicine Nominated
Dr. Jonathan Bellas Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Sherry Krawitz Neuropathology Nominated
Dr. David Grynspan Pathology Nominated
Dr.Ken Van Ameyde Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Shawn Young Anesthesia Nominated
2007-8 Dr. Warren Terry Orthopedics Winner
Dr. Rob Brown Anesthesia Nominated
Dr. David Grynspan Pathology Nominated
Dr. Wes Platanick Emergency Nominated
Dr. Guillermo Quinonez Pathology Nominated
2006-7 Dr. Iain Kirkpatrick Radiology Winner
Dr. Michael West Neurosurgery Nominated
Dr. Robert Wightman Pathology Nominated
Dr.K. Lamba Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Ben Prasad Psychiatry – St.B Nominated
Dr. Michael Johnson Orthopedics Nominated
Dr. G.W.DeGroot Pediatrics Nominated
2005 Dr. Lawrence Brownell Anesthesia Winner
Dr. John Sokal Emergency Medicine Winner
Dr. Ivan Bilash Psychology Nominated
Dr. Wayne Kepron Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr.Brendan McDougall Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr.Kasper Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Rigatto Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr.Vanamede Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr.Margaret Burnett Obs/Gyne. Nominated
Dr.Jeff Bews Medical Physics Nominated
Dr.Greg McGinn Radiology Nominated
2004 Dr. Paul Kerr ENT Winner
Dr. Andrew Morris Cardiology Nominated
Dr. Naser Sheik Cardiology Nominated
Dr. Colette Seifer Cardiology Nominated
Dr. Thomas Hayakawa Plastic Surgery Nominated
Dr. Benjamin Prasad Psychiatry Nominated
2003 Dr. Sarah Forgie Pediatrics Winner
Dr. Margaret Burnett Ob/Gyn Nominated
Dr. Tony Herd Emergency Nominated
Dr. Fern Karlicki Radiology Nominated
Dr. Paul Kerr ENT Nominated
Dr. Ken Murray Plastic Surgery Nominated
Dr. Roger Saadia General Surgery Nominated
Dr. James Tam Cardiology Nominated
Dr. J. Curran Oral Surgery Nominated
2002 Dr. Blake Bulloch Childrens’ Emergency Nominated
Dr. Paul Kerr Otolaryngology Nominated
Dr. Joe Lee Anesthesia Winner
Dr. Robert Lotocki Ob/Gyn Nominated
Dr. Ken Van Ameyde Internal Medicine Nominated
Dr. Bob Wrightman Pathology Nominated
Dr. Ken Zimmer Psychiatry Nominated
2001 Dr. Ernest Ramsey Urology Winner
Dr. Nancey Whightman Psychiatry Nominated
Dr. Wes Platanick Emergency Nominated
Dr. Savas Menticoglou Ob/Gyn Nominated
Dr. Paul Major Radiology Nominated
Dr. Kelly MacDonald Pathology Nominated
Dr. Joseph de Nanassy Pathology Nominated
Dr. Rudy Danzinger Surgery Nominated
Dr. Paul Daenick Internal Medicine Nominated
2000 Dr. Zoheir Bshouty Respiralogy Winner
Dr. Patricia Birk Pediatrics Winner
1999 Dr. Cliff Yaffe Surgery Winner
Dr. M. Lertzman Respiratory Nominated
Dr. Norman Hill Neurosurgery Nominated
Dr. Cliff Yaffe Surgery Nominated
Dr. Mark Prober Psychiatry Winner
1997 Dr. Desmond Ireland Otolaryngology Winner
Dr. Godfrey Harding Infectious Diesase Nominated
Dr. Zoheir Bshouty Respiratory/CC Nominated
Dr. M. Stranc Plastic Surgery Nominated
Dr. Judy Littleford Anesthesia Nominated
Dr. Samia Barakat Psychiatry Nominated
Dr. Rob Brownstone Neurosurgery Nominated
1996 Dr. Ross Stimpson Surgery Winner
Dr. Michael Leonard Urology Nominated
Dr. Godfrey Harding Infectious Diesase Nominated
1995 Dr. Raymond Deutscher Anesthesia Nominated
Dr. Edmundo Maia Psychiatry Nominated
Dr. Lawrence Leibert Nominated
Dr. Brian Anderson Neurology Winner
1994 Dr. Michael West Neurosurgery Winner
Dr. Richard Long Respiratory Winner
1993 Dr. Derek Fewer Neurosurgery Winner
Dr. Gerald Minuk Medicine Nominated
Dr. Brian Weinerman Medicine Winner
1992 Dr. Phil Hall Ob/Gyn Winner
Dr. Doug Graig Anesthesia Winner
Dr. Roy Greengrass Anesthesia Winner
Dr. Carl Collister Ob/Gyn Winner
Dr. William Halliday Pathology Nominated
1991 Dr. Ken Van Ameyde Internal Medicine Winner
Dr. Cliff Yaffe Surgery Winner
1990 Dr. George Collins Winner
Dr. Brian Muirhead Anesthesia Nominated
Dr. Garth Johnson Orthopedics Nominated
Dr. Clarke Falconer Psychiatry Nominated
Dr. Elizabeth Cowden Winner
1989 Dr. Gerry Bristow Medicine Winner
Dr. Robert Friesen Anesthesia Winner
Dr. Criag Campbell Internal Medicine Winner
1988 Dr. W. Bebchuk Winner
Dr. J. Foerster Medicine Winner
Dr. Rodgers Psychiatry Winner
Dr. G. Grahame Medicine Winner
1987 Dr. M. Stranc Plastic Surgery Winner
Dr. Don Peters Anesthesia Winner
1986 Dr. Paul Major Radiology Winner
Dr. Maureen Collison Pediatrics Winner
1985 Dr. Harry Madovy Pediatrics Winner
Dr. Marvin Slutchuk Winner
Dr. Morley Lertzman Respiratory Med Winner
1984 Dr. D. Biehl Anesthesia Winner
Dr. Y.K. Poon Anesthesia Winner
1983 Dr. G. Hohnson Winner
Dr. A. Molgat Winner
1982 Dr. G. Lamberd Winner
Dr. N.E. Wiseman Pediatrics Gen Sx Winner
Dr. R.J. Blanchard Winner


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