Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities

The Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities (CAPD) is a non-profit support group for physicians living with all types of disabilities, both visible and invisible. Dr. Ashok Muzumdar first established the group in 1999 with the encouragement and support of the CMA. Under the direction of our current president, Dr. Vera Krejcik, we have developed an interactive website that physicians can join free of charge. The website facilitates communication between physicians who have experience practicing medicine with a wide variety of challenges. CAPD would like to be of assistance to physicians who are looking for a community that might be able to share insights on how to cope with such issues. We are asking if you might consider adding our link to your list of resources for physicians.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide a national forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest and concern to physicians with disabilities.

To open avenues for exchange of ideas and information, particularly as these apply to clinical practice.

To foster common bonds and lend support to each other.

To strive together to improve the quality of care and enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.

To take a leadership role in influencing clinical education and research in matters pertaining to both patients and physicians with disabilities.

To act as a vehicle to inform and educate the public at large regarding the many facets of disabilities.

To be proactive in effectively influencing policies and laws affecting all people with disabilities.

Please go to for more information. Please email with any questions.

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