LGBTTQI* Interest Group

This year, the LGBTTQI* Interest Group has registered a walking group for Pride 2016. We are working hard to extend this opportunity to students, staff and practicing Health Care professionals so they can show their support for the LGBTTQI* Community. We strongly believe this is an excellent opportunity for Health Care Professionals to show visible support for the LGBTTQI* Community, and would love to have our resident colleagues join us! 
The parade is on June 5th, 2016. Official start time is 12:00, however opening remarks begin around 11:00am. More details to follow RE: meeting time.  
We ask our colleagues to please register below by May 29th, 2016!
Whether LGBTTQI*- identified, or a strong Ally to the community, you are welcomed on this exciting day! 
We look forward to your participation! 
– LGBTTQI* Interest Group Team!


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