Tax Information For Manitoba Residents

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Here’s what you need to know!
Tax season is approaching for the 2013 season. PARIM members are offered FREE tax services by Grant Thornton LLP. Click here for details.

In addition it is critical for all residents to remember: PARIM members are NOT eligible to claim student tuition or textbooks as per current Canadian law. However, many residents have used their tuition credits successfully in the past. Many are being audited by the government as well. We recommend doing this at your own discretion or using someone professional if you are unsure. Please file your taxes carefully.

A recent judgment occurred in Ontario federal tax court that may have bearing on residents across the country. Eight Ontario residents were successful in appealing a Revenue Canada ruling which disallowed these Residents’ claim of the education tax credit and tuition tax credit in the 2011 tax year.

PARIM does not provide advice regarding tax strategies or deductions. PARIM recommends that residents seek advice from an experienced accountant when preparing their tax returns.

Please click here for the PARO tax appeal forms.

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