Accreditation is fast approaching! To help residents prepare for meetings with surveyors, the PARIM Accreditation team has developed a “Townhall in a Box.” This presentation has been created by residents and includes important, practical information on the accreditation process. 

Chief/Senior residents – we are hoping you can go through the attached PowerPoint presentation with your peers (ideally during protected time like your academic half or full day) to discuss what to expect during and after accreditation week. It can also help you brainstorm some ideas of what to bring up when you meet with the surveyors in March. Since full accreditation site visits only occur once every 8 years, we want to help you make the most of this opportunity. 

As a reminder, the discussions you have with surveyors are confidential, and only aggregate data is included in the final accreditation reports. This process is meant to improve programs and is not a reflection of how good the residents are or will be. Instead, it helps identify programs that may have not received the resources they need to support excellent resident education. Identifying both strengths and areas for improvement within your program will ultimately help current and future residents, and ensure PGME knows how to support your learning environment.

Accreditation Townhall Toolkit