Board Election 2021: Bilingual, Rural and Remote Grouping Candidates

Joseph Darcel, PGY1, Northern Remote Family Medicine

Dr. Joseph Darcel, PGY1, Northern Remote Family Medicine

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this! My name is Joe and I’d like to be your Rural grouping rep.I’ve got a lot of experience working in advocacy: during PGME I served my class president, a director of the UM student union, and a member of the PM’s Youth Council. As a member of the Northern Remote program I have a strong connection to one of the largest rural resident groupings, and shared values with members from other rural sites. Working with patients from the North, I also have a strong commitment to ensuring that PARIM as a whole continues to embrace the values of reconciliation. I look forward to building on Melissa’s work last year, and to identifying opportunities for programs to host shared training events (e.g. ultrasound courses) where possible.