Board Election 2021: Diagnostic Grouping Candidates

Dr. Henry Yu, PGY 3, Diagnostic Radiology

I’m the future winner of The Great Canadian Baking Show, gaymer, sunscreen fanatic, and a freshly minted PGY3 in diagnostic radiology.

I started residency much like everyone else: with a blind leap into the rapids. It’s an exhilarating time staying afloat, and meeting the many luminaries keeping me on course. But some days those Stygian currents just prove to be too much. “Resiliency” dissipates when you’re awash with feelings of being unheard, unimportant, unwanted, and ultimately unable to take on the unjust.

In PARIM, I found not only respite from those ugly patches, but also an organization that empowers residents. For example, PARIM members are currently helping me advocate for greater access to PPE for radiation safety. Knowing they have my back buoys my mind high above the undulating water.

My year as a fledgling PGY1 is why I want to join PARIM. I aim to continue my long tradition of advocacy, from scientific literacy to environmentalism and LGBTQ+ representation. On the board of directors, I will continue PARIM’s work in amplifying our voices and fending off the unfortunately familiar feelings of isolation and disempowerment.

Residency’s hard; it’s dangerous to go alone!