Board Election 2021: Medicine Grouping Candidates

Dr. Calvin Howard, PGY 2, Neurology

I am Calvin, one of the neurology R2s and went to medical school in Calgary after my undergraduate at the University of Alberta. Over the past few years, I have had experience in roles from my undergraduate degree through medical school until residency now. This spans from presidency of the Neuroscience Students Association, president of the Clinical Neuroscience Student’s Association, lead of the Clinical Neurosciences Task Force in the CFMS, and PGME representative. I also have experience with nonprofit corporations, and sat on the board of the Alberta Amputee Sports and Recreation Association for 3 years, and currently am involved with a small tech startup called KiTH Solutions. Thus far, I have been one of the neurology representatives to PARIM. I feel these are all helpful experiences to draw from as a PARIM Representative. PARIM has done an excellent job navigating threats to residency training and wellness over the last year, and with the pandemic coming under control, I hope to take a proactive stance. I want to focus on uplifting residents, enabling them to pursue passions which will enrich both their careers and patient care. For example, the creation of awards to facilitate residency research and advocacy projects, or even broadening resident highlights to empower and illustrate the work of residents across the province. Although not necessarily proactive, I also think some attention needs to be directed towards how Shared Health pays residents, given systematic neglect of paying for call shifts or converted calls. We are simply too busy to act as accountants for Shared Health. Overall, I hope to join PARIM and represent residents in a balanced manner—addressing the issues at hand and trying to create enriching programs where the need exists.

Dr. Japandeep Sethi, PGY 3, Internal Medicine

I am a Biomedical Engineer turned Internal Medicine resident with plans to be a Respirologist. I am interested in running for the board for two primary reasons, which include advocating for the medicine groupings and enhancement of my leadership skills.

While the residency training program has greatly contributed to my learning thus far and has helped me with my career path, I understand that each program entails some challenges. Being involved in PARIM will allow me to advocate for other residents and find solutions to minimize any program challenges or shortcomings.

My work with PARIM will help me develop the leadership skills that not only make me a better clinician, but also help  me with my future plans of Quality Improvement (QI) projects. I am currently involved in some QI projects and plan to go through formal QI training. An essential skill as part of the QI path is networking and being part of the regulatory bodies. A role with PARIM will give me a good introduction to navigating the systems that help bring change in our system.

Dr. Matthew Thiessen, PGY 2, Internal Medicine

Hi! I am a second-year internal medicine resident. I am a nerdy and outgoing guy who loves to get involved and help out. I am running for the PARIM board because I am passionate about building community and advocating for resident wellness. I want to be a strong voice for medical residents helping to build a workplace that fosters resident safety and wellness, as I know this is a prerequisite for high quality patient-centered care.

I bring over five years’ experience serving on a non-profit board, with committee roles involving HR, governance, and event planning.