Board Election 2021: Primary Care Grouping Candidates

Dr. Ali Almaleki, PGY 3, Emergency Medicine

My name is Ali Almaleki and I am a PGY3 Emergency Medicine resident. I am excited to put my name forward, running for a position on the executive board. I feel I am uniquely qualified for the position given my previous experience as PARIM representative for the Emergency Medicine program, previous non-profit board experience including sitting on the Winnipeg School Division advisory committee working with all stakeholders and advocating for approximately 30,000 students across the division.

Additionally I had the privilege of sitting on the executive board of GIVE30 (a national non-profit raising money for foodbanks across Canada) raising over one million dollars for Canadian foodbanks.

The role of PARIM is integral to a positive residency experience both as far organizing events for residents to meet and relax in a non-clinical environment as well as the vital role PARIM plays in advocating for its members. Given the vital role of PARIM to a positive residency experience I am putting my name forward in order to help be a part of this great work. Thank you for the opportunity and consideration!