Board Election 2022: Diagnostic Grouping Candidates

Dr. Erin Baker, PGY 1, Radiation Oncology

My name is Erin and I’m a PGY 1 in Radiation Oncology. I have lived in Newfoundland my entire life so moving to the province has been a huge adjustment. I am running for the Board to meet fellow residents in other programs, and to gain an understanding of how PARIM works within this healthcare system I’m learning to navigate. What I bring to the table is experience in similar roles and an interest in leadership. I’ve held various roles on a variety of boards/committees including but not limited to Chair of the Eastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council, voting member of the clinical trials division of the NL Health Research Ethics Board, and VP Internal of MedSoc at Memorial. I’d love the opportunity to represent my fellow residents and build relationships while giving back.

Dr. Paul Gocik, PGY 2, Diagnostic Radiology

I completed my medical school at the University of Manitoba and am now a PGY2 Resident in Diagnostic Radiology. As part of my Diagnostic Radiology off-service rotations I was able to work with a broad range of different specialists and residents and tried to develop an understanding of how the diagnostic grouping specialties play a significant role in much clinical medicine. My goal as grouping representative specialties such as extensive time spent off service, or the limited ability of off service residents to provide support in covering evening and overnight call. I hope to advocate for additional supports and highlight the imbalance of diagnostic grouping residents providing call coverage to many other services, while those services do not provide the same in return. I look forward to hearing about your challenges and successes and advocating for your concerns.

Dr. Mckenzie Russell, PGY 2, Anatomical Pathology

I’m a newly minted PGY2 in the Anatomical Pathology group. I’m so impressed with our resident union’s advocacy work and outreach on behalf of Manitoba residents and interns. I want to join and continue to support this dedicated and hardworking team while liaising with the diagnostic resident group. I firmly believe in transparency and equity for all involved parties and that resident work-life balance needs to be sustainable. I encourage open and direct communication and pride myself on being an approachable individual; I would love to bring forward any concerns that the diagnostic residents might have to the rest of the Board. PARIM has carried out many improvements and initiatives, and this work can only continue with active member involvement. I would love to share in future projects that will improve the quality of life and wellness for the residents who keep healthcare running in this province. Whether you vote for me or not, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to vote at all and remaining involved in the process of selecting Board representatives.

Dr. Hang Yu, PGY 4, Diagnostic Radiology

I’m a freshly minted PGY4 in diagnostic radiology and the former representative for the “Diagnostics”
grouping of specialties from 2021-2022. Being on the Board last academic year gave me a glimpse into
the incredible work and dedication that goes into making PARIM what it is. What better time to see this
than during a pandemic which has left Manitoba’s healthcare system teetering on the brink? It was
heartbreaking, albeit entirely unsurprisingly, to witness the chilling effects on fellow residents: the
repeated work hour and call duty violations, cut protected academic time, social isolation and worsening
mental wellbeing, and bearing the brunt of growing fatigue and frustration from patients and even other
healthcare workers. It was an incredible experience working with like-minded peers in shaping PARIM
and carrying out its mission of amplifying our collective voices and advocating for our rights and
wellbeing. I want to continue on the Board of Directors, and if elected I promise to use my experience,
passion, and insights to uplift PARIM and the resident body.