Board Election 2022: Medicine Grouping Candidates

Dr. Dov Kagan, PGY 2, Internal Medicine

Hi I’m Dov and I’m a PGY2 in core internal medicine! I am running for the PARIM board because I
believe I can be a strong advocate for all residents on issues relating to our workplace, wellness and
contractual rights. Before coming to medical school, I obtained a law degree and so I have experience
with reading and interpreting contracts, as well as written and oral advocacy. I have read through the
previous PARIM contract (and will read the new one once available) and have a good understanding of
our rights and obligations including in terms of duty hours, call pay, and workplace environment. Those
of you who know me, know that I am a passionate and tenacious advocate on these issues when I feel
we are falling short or our rights could be better protected. While I am of course known best in Internal
Medicine, if elected, I will ensure that I reach out to all members of the medicine subgroup and ensure
everybody has strong representation to the very best of my ability.

Dr. Kirsten Kettler, PGY 1, Psychiatry

Hi all!

My name is Kirsten Kettler and I am a PGY1 psychiatry resident. Although only starting residency two
weeks ago, I am looking forward to getting involved with PARIM early on. I am running for the PARIM
board (medicine grouping) in order to advocate based on resident feedback and to support a positive
residency experience in Manitoba. There have been many changes and success lead by residents and
PARIM, and I hope to join and continue working collaboratively within this team!

Dr. Shivani Mathur, PGY 2, Internal Medicine

Hello! My name is Shivani Mathur and I am currently a PGY-2 in the Core Internal Medicine program. I
am excited to be running for the position of Medicine Program Delegate. One thing I am really
passionate about is improving the resident experience here at the University of Manitoba. There have
been a lot of improvements over the years and I want to keep the momentum going and keep
advocating for positive changes within our programs. The role of a program delegate includes bringing
resident concerns forward to the PARIM committee, as well actively being involved in PARIM discussions
and duties. I have had several experiences sitting on executive committees throughout medical school
and residency, including the Internal Medicine Undergraduate Committee as well as a patient safety
representative. I hope to use my experiences to continue to make communication between PARIM and
residents transparent and work towards progressive changes.

Dr. Pratik Shah, PGY 2, Internal Medicine

Hey! My name is Pratik and I’m one of the R2s in Internal Medicine. For those that don’t know me, I am
someone who is supportive, hardworking and enjoy meeting new people. I am interested in being your
PARIM representative to help work to ensure residents are fully supported and heard especially in light
of the current negotiations still taking place with our Collective Agreement as well as help the rest of the
board members create events to increase resident cohesiveness across all programs.

Having worked as an organizer for a non-profit organization involving members from various allied
health fields, I have a lot of experience in navigating what concerns arise for each group/member and
communicating with those affected and helping them find avenues to tackle their concerns. With this
position involving working with many areas of medicine, I am ready to listen to each groups concerns
with their experiences from issues of learner mistreatment to burnout to concerns regarding the pay
distribution and ensure I advocate for fair changes to be made.