Board Election 2022: Peri-Operative Grouping Candidates

Dr. Daisy Ko, PGY 1, Plastic Surgery

Hello friends! My name is Daisy (she/her) and I’m a fresh Winnipeg transplant by way of Saskatoon. My stable interests are food (ramen) and music; my current fixations are Stardew Valley and getting unfathomably lost in HSC.
I’m running for the Board because I have a deep interest in leadership, and because I’m nosy. Issues of governance and advocacy scratch a specific itch in my head, and I would love to slog through emails on your behalf to make our collective residency experience as smooth as possible. Having banked a silly number of hours in board/committee activities (the details of which are uninteresting but relevant, I promise), I have the organizational and interpersonal skills to navigate whatever challenges come my way. My specific interests are in communication and mentorship/community building, especially for groups typically underrepresented in medicine, and I hope to bring a unique perspective as someone new to the province. Fortunately, these interests overlap with a general desire to know systems work, so the nosy little goblin in my head can be put to good use.
Thanks for reading! It’d be cool if you voted for me, but I’m not your boss, you can do what you want.

Dr. Kyle Oosterman, PGY 4, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Having spent three years in residency so far, I have gained a greater appreciation for the impact that the learning and working environment can have not only on our professional development, but our well-being in residency as well. During my three years in the ObGyn residency program, I have strived to make the residency environment one that is welcoming and fun, particularly for incoming residents who might not have established connections in Winnipeg. As a Wellness Co-Chair for the past two years, my co-resident and I have organized monthly wellness meetings amongst our residency cohort to provide a space to unwind, share residency experiences, and promote a sense of belonging in our group. I’m hoping to bring this passion and energy for improving the residency experience beyond the ObGyn group and continue the amazing progress that the PARIM team has made over the years. In particular, I hope to foster a community where individuals feel empowered to share feedback that will improve both the personal and professional journeys of each resident and to create a lasting culture where individuals feel valued and respected.

Dr. Danielle Stepnuk, PGY 3, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Hi everyone!

I would love to join PARIM as I’m very passionate about improving the residency experience! I have a strong interest in resident wellness. Burnout is real and heightened amidst this pandemic and I’m eager to see more growth in our social and wellness events. I believe in transparency and communication so that every member stays up to date. I’ve taken an interest to reaching out via social media, possibly something unique I can bring to the Board! I’m committed to advocating for a safe working environment for all regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, age, or disability. I recognize that racism and discrimination exists within our workplace and believe in equitable opportunities.

I have much experience, over medical school I sat on 19 committees and held numerous positions, including Manitoba Medical Students Association, UGME Accreditation Committee, Graduation Committee, and was the Class of 2020’s Vice President of internal affairs.

I like to think I’m friendly and approachable and it would be my pleasure to listen to your concerns and advocate on your behalf to the rest of the PARIM Board!

Thanks for your consideration!