Board Election 2022: Primary Care Grouping Candidates

Dr. Alexander Kiu, PGY 1, Family Medicine – Urban

Hello everybody! My name is Alex Kiu, and I am a first-year Family Medicine resident in Winnipeg. I am running for the Primary Care board member position because of my great admiration for all primary care providers and a strong belief that we all deserve to work in a safe and respectful environment. As a medical student, I gained a deep appreciation for how essential residents are to the health care system and observed some of the many challenges we face. From this, I became highly driven to advocate for better resident working conditions and benefits. Leveraging my skills as a board member of theHIV/AIDS Canada group and community work with Refugee and Immigrant Health, I believe I am well-positioned to act as the voice for all Primary Care residents. I am eager to learn and understand the needs of our grouping, address all concerns in a timely and efficient manner, and act as a staunch advocate for residents during board meetings. I am extremely excited to start a new chapter in serving Manitoba residents and meeting its friendly people! Thank you for reading and I hope you consider me as your next Primary Care board member!

Dr. Ka Yan Xu, PGY 2, Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Hello All!
I am a PGY-2 in Public Health, completing the Family Medicine portion of my training. Inspired by the
significant progress PARIM has made to improve the residency experience, I was motivated to become
more involved and contribute to this positive work. The Program Delegate role requires continuous
commitment and advocacy for the represented groups. Representation and advocacy have been, and
continues to be, at the heart of my career and extracurriculars. My skills and experiences stem from
volunteering and developing programs and summer camps for inner-city youth groups, serving as VP for
the undergraduate Science Student Association and leading teams and projects in multiculturalism and
diversity such as Folklorama and cultural art events. Currently, I serve as the wellness rep for my clinic.
This involves gathering and reflecting concerns and creating initiatives as a team to improving wellness.
I will apply my knowledge and passion, to serve and represent the interests, concerns, and goals of my
fellow residents. I strive to be integrated in the community I exist within, to understand what the people
and community need. I commit to being open-minded and offering time, compassionate support, and a
safe space for those I represent.
Ka Yan