Board Election 2022: Rural, Remote and Bilingual Grouping Candidates

Dr. Joseph Asaminew, PGY 2, Family Medicine – Portage la Prairie

Hey everyone, I’m a PGY-2 in the Portage la Prairie stream and I’m running to be your rural representative on the PARIM board! One of my major priorities if elected will be rural resident wellness. PARIM hosts some excellent wellness activities and events in Winnipeg, however with our distributed programs sometimes rural residents get left out. I will advocate to the PARIM board to ensure wellness for rural residents gets equitable support compared to urban programs. I think I would be well suited for this position as I have interest and experience in advocacy both during residency and my time in medical school. I’ve had the privilege of being your CCFP Section of Residents rep for the past year and In this role I’ve had the chance to represent Manitoba residents in national discussions, including on the future shape of family medicine residency. I think I have the experience and ideas to be a strong representative on your behalf and I plan to build open and honest communication in my time in office.

Thanks for your consideration!

Dr. Luis Castro, PGY 1, Family Medicine – Interlake Eastern

Hello! My name is Luis A Castro, from the Interlake-Eastern FM program. I am seeking your support in becoming the rep for the Rural/Northern/Bilingual grouping.

My goal is simple. I want our unique needs and concerns to be heard and addressed. Geographical location, language, or resource allocation must not be a barrier to prompt access to information, supports, and benefits that PARIM has to offer. If elected, I will listen and advocate for us to the best of my abilities.

My motivation is simple. Working for a cause I believe in has always made my work more meaningful. It helps me jump out of bed in the morning and strive for excellence. In Medical School, I co-founded the Parents in Medicine Advocacy Interest Group, which supported and advocated for the unique needs/challenges of student parents. This was a very rewarding experience that motivated me to seek your support today!

I want to be your voice on the Board and strive to connect us with all of the information and benefits that PARIM has to offer. Thank you for your consideration!

Dr. Joseph Darcel, PGY 2, Family Medicine – Northern Remote

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this! My name is Joe and I’d like to be your Rural grouping rep.

I’ve got a lot of experience working in advocacy, including my past year served as the Rural and Remote/Bilingual rep. As a member of the Northern Remote program I have a strong connection to one of the largest rural resident groupings, and shared values with members from other rural sites. Working with patients from the North, I also have a strong commitment to ensuring that PARIM as a whole continues to embrace the values of reconciliation. I look forward to building on the board’s work last year, including the drive to ensure internet access at peripheral sites remains reliable.