Board Election 2023: Diagnostic Grouping Candidates

Dr. Mckenzie Russell, PGY 2, Diagnostic Radiology & Nuclear Medicine

I’ve acted as the Diagnostics representative for the past year and have embraced the ups and downs of resident advocacy and outreach. The residents of Manitoba have celebrated group and individual wins over the past year, but there are many changes and challenges on the horizon. I want to continue supporting the dedicated and hardworking team on the PARIM Board while liaising with the Diagnostic resident group. I am a firm believer in transparency and equity for all involved parties. I encourage open and direct communication and pride myself on being an approachable individual and would love to bring forward any concerns that the diagnostic residents might have. PARIM has championed a number of improvements and initiatives, and this work can only continue with ongoing member involvement. I would love to share in any future projects that will better the quality of life and wellness for the residents that keep healthcare running in this province. Whether you vote for me or not, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to vote at all and remaining involved in the process of selecting Board representatives!