Board Election 2023: Rural Grouping Candidates

Dr. Adri-Anna Aloia, PGY 1, Family Medicine-Northern Remote

In addition to my clinical and academic interests, I have a strong desire to participate in governance and advocacy for the wellbeing and career progression of my peers. With the Royal College of Surgeons – Bahrain, I served as Student Council President and other council roles, developing supportive programs and better agency within the university institution and hospital stakeholders. In my recent masters program, with OCAD University in Toronto, I served on Senate, again, advocating for my undergraduate and graduate level peers to represent the true voice of the student experience as this is at times lost the further our institutions move from direct training/learning years. As an International Medical Graduate, the importance of representation and facilitation of supports to sharpen and showcase our skills was very much apparent from the start of my training, leading me to establish and direct the Canadian non-profit organization, the Foundation of International Medical Graduates, to present the IMG experience across tables concerned with the design of health care today in Canada. I intend to join our PARIM efforts in the same capacity -to engage, represent and negotiate on behalf of our peers as well as to become literate in our varied policies to best protect our peer residents and fellows interests. I trust that all presenting candidates for this election hold the same intent in their hearts and I wish everyone luck in our future planning.

Dr. Anthony Wightman, PGY 1, Family Medicine – Parkland Stream

Hello fellow residents! My name is Anthony Wightman, and I am excited to be running for PARIM Board Member Delegate. I am committed to practicing rural Family Medicine, and have unique leadership experience. I am well suited to represent you to PARIM and other governance bodies. Rural, remote, and bilingual Family Medicine in Manitoba is essential, and faces many opportunities and challenges. These are important to me, as they are to you. I was born and raised in Winnipeg, did my undergrad and medical school here, and I am thrilled to be starting as a PGY1 in the Parkland stream. I am committed to practicing rural Family Medicine in Manitoba, so the state of Family Medicine is something I care deeply about. This starts with future Family Doctors, which means listening to and advocating for you.
The rural, remote, and bilingual Family Medicine programs are spread across Manitoba. Representing the varied concerns and proposals of these programs requires leadership. Throughout medical school I held leadership positions in various student interest groups, acted as Academic Representative for the Class of 2023, and as Vice Stick Internal and Senior Stick of the Manitoba Medical Student’s Association. I got a lot done in these roles, and developed the organizational and communication skills necessary to work as a leader for all of you in PARIM.
Thank you for considering me for the role of Board Member Delegate. I look forward to representing you, and meeting you all in the weeks and months to come!