Board Elections July 2020: Program Delegates

The PARIM Board is the governing body of PARIM. The President is elected in March, the Executive and two Board Members (RDoC Representative and Director-at-Large) are elected at the AGM, while the Board members elected in July each represent a grouping of programs. See here for the groupings.


  • Attend all PARIM Board, Advisory Council, AGM, and relevant committee meetings.
  • Chair or Co-Chair one PARIM Committee or sit on two Committees. For information on the Committees, see here.
  • Act as an advocate for PARIM members.
  • Act as a liaison between their program grouping and the Board.
  • For further details, see the By-Laws: Board of Directors Duties & Responsibilities Article 6.


  • Nominations accepted: July 2 – July 13
  • Voting: July 17-23 (Ballots will be sent by email).
  • New Board Members announced: July 24

How to run:

Fill out the nomination form and send it to by Monday, July 13, 2020.