Board Elections July 2023

If you’re passionate about advocating for your fellow residents, consider running for the PARIM Board of Directors!

There are five groups of Programs which will elect a Board Member Delegate (two Member Reps for larger groupings).

  • One (1) Delegate from the ‘Primary Care’ grouping 
  • Two (2) Delegates from the ‘Medicine’ grouping 
  • Two (2) delegates from the ‘Peri-operative’ grouping
  • One (1) Delegate from the ‘Diagnostics’ grouping 
  • One (1) Delegate from the ‘Rural’ grouping 

For a full description of Board Member duties, see here.

Board Delegate Nomination Form

PARIM Director-at-Large (Social & Wellness)

The Director-at-Large (Social & Wellness) will chair PARIM’s Social & Wellness Committee.

For a full description of Director-at-Large duties, see here.

PARIM Director-at-Large (Social & Wellness) Nomination Form

PARIM Secretary

PARIM still requires a Secretary! The Secretary will sit on the Executive Committee as well as on the Board.

For a full description of the Secretary’s duties, see here.

PARIM Secretary Nomination Form


  • Nominations accepted: July 3 – July 13
  • Voting: July 17-27 (Ballots will be sent by email).
  • New Board Members and Secretary announced: July 28