By-Election 2023 Medicine Grouping Candidates

Dr. Arsalan Alizadeh, PGY 2, Neurology

Greetings fellow PARIM members,
I am honored to announce my candidacy for a position on the PARIM Board of Directors. As a second- year neurology resident with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Manitoba, I bring a unique blend of medical and research expertise to this role.
Having trained as an IMG and having been part of the University of Manitoba community for 11 years, I understand the challenges that residents encounter during their training journey. Our profession demands resilience, and in these challenging times, both professionally and financially, I am committed to ensuring that residents’ concerns are effectively represented within PARIM.
My deep familiarity with the Winnipeg medical landscape and the intricacies of residents’ lives equips me to be a dedicated advocate for you all. I aim to be a resounding voice for residents who entrust me with their concerns. By actively engaging with the PARIM Executive, Board, and staff, I will work to address these concerns promptly and effectively. This will ensure that your voices are heard.
My goal is to foster positive changes that enhance residency experiences for everyone. I am determined to serve as a bridge between your aspirations and the decision-making process, striving for a more supportive and enriching journey for all residents.
Thank you for considering me for this crucial role. Together, let’s shape a stronger future for our fellow residents.

Dr. Parisa Selseleh, PGY 2, Internal Medicine

Hi everyone, my name is Parisa and I am a PGY2 in Internal Medicine. I have decided to run for medicine PARIM rep because I have a passion for advocacy for residents. I want this opportunity to have a platform to help residents seek better working conditions particularly in this critical time as we move toward our next contract in the coming couple years. I have a passion for resident wellness and will use every opportunity to advocate for better support for all of us as we navigate increasing complexity of residency training. I have held leadership roles within internal medicine relating to organizing the academic curriculum and journal clubs. I believe I can be a strong advocate for all programs within the medicine subgroup.

Dr. Jovey Sharma, PGY 2, Pediatrics

My name is Jovey, and I am a PGY2 Pediatrics Resident. I completed my Bachelor’s and medical school from the University of Calgary and have an MPH from University of Saskatchewan. In my free time, you can find me part time gaming (both board and video games) or trying new coffee shops every other day.
Throughout my post secondary education, I have been passionate about my involvement in student advocacy and representation. My experience with projects has encompassed wide ranges of areas including lounge improvements, event planning, streamlining student research, and program development. I have built strong experience working with committees consisting of individuals from various fields of work and multiple levels of seniority. During residency, I have become a strong proponent of working to find a harmonious relationship between our work and life, with the recognition that in our position, the two are not always mutually exclusive. As a part of that goal, I have been involved on the Pediatrics Wellness Committee and was the first-year representative on the Pediatric Resident Program Committee. I hope to bring that experience to a wider scale while working with the PARIM board within a larger group of residents in the medicine grouping.

Dr. Lana Tennenhouse, PGY 3, Internal Medicine

My name is Lana Tennenhouse, I am a PGY-3 in Internal Medicine. I am passionate about advocating for resident rights and wellness. I admire the work completed by PARIM, and in the role of Medicine Representative would strive to promote change and intervention reflective of the needs of our program. I think there are several issues that impact Internal Medicine residents that are potentially fixable and worth advocation such as inconsistent access to quiet work spaces, inadequate computer access, and limited funding for wellness initiatives. I also feel strongly about the importance of ongoing efforts to improve equity and cultural awareness among residents and faculty, as well as highlighting ongoing issues with racism and sexism. I have been involved with various aspects of the Internal Medicine training program to this point such as coordinating PGY-3 Senior Rounds and M&M Rounds, and am an active member of the social committee, and I believe these experiences help prepare me well for the role of Medicine Representative. It would be my pleasure to act as your representative for PARIM.

Dr. Magdaline Zawadka, PGY 3, Internal Medicine

Hey everyone! My name is Magda and I’m a PGY3 in Internal Medicine. I am applying for the medicine representative position on the PARIM Board of Directors. I am originally from Ottawa and I obtained an Honours Bachelor degree at the University of Ottawa. I am also an international medical graduate who completed medical school in Poland. Throughout my medical training, I have held several leadership and advocacy roles which have prepared me for this position, including VP of the Internal Medicine Interest Group in medical school, as well as serving as my cohort’s RPC representative last year. My unique experiences have provided me with numerous opportunities to work with stakeholders from various disciplines and have exposed me to administrative and organizational aspects of medicine which have deepened my understanding of how different healthcare systems function. As a delegate, I hope to serve as a voice for my co-residents in policies that affect trainees and to shape decisions that will optimize our working environment. Thank you for considering me for this role.

Dr. Nataliia Zinchuk, PGY 2, Psychiatry

Dear fellow Residents, 

My Name is Nataliia Zinchuk, I am PGY-2 in Psychiatry.
I’m excited to run for the role of PARIM Program Delegate for Medicine group. With a background experience working in unionized healthcare environment and union representation, I’m committed to advocating for our well-being and professional growth. 
Having worked 7 years in a unionized hospital work setting and serving as a Local Unit Representative, I intimately understand the dynamics and power of bargaining organizations. This hands-on experience equips me to effectively advocate for our needs and navigate challenges. 
As your Delegate, my primary commitment is to be an advocate for you. I understand the unique challenges that residents face – long hours, demanding schedules, and the pressure to excel in learning while covering service needs. I am committed to ensuring optimal working conditions that promote our well-being, both personally and professionally. 
Communication is key. I promise to keep you well-informed about updates and decisions. Timely email updates and addressing your questions at meetings will ensure you’re in the loop. 
I humbly ask for your vote and support. With your trust, I’m ready to serve as your delegate and advocate for positive change now and in the future. 
Thank you for considering me.