Contract Violation Form

The Collective Agreement between PARIM and Shared Health outlines resident duties, work hours, pay, and benefits. A copy of the PARIM Collective Agreement can be found here: PARIM Collective Agreement.

If you have been required to perform duties outside of what is permitted by the PARIM Collective Agreement, please complete this form. If you are reporting discrimination, please also fill out the Speak Up form on Entrada.

Sharing your identifying information is completely optional, and anonymous complaints will only be reported in aggregate form to protect your identity. However, if you wish to have your specific concern reviewed by PARIM, we will require your name, program, and contact information. Personal information will remain confidential. Please contact us by email at [email protected] if you have any urgent concerns.

The information on this form will be seen by PARIM staff (Executive Director, Executive Assistant and/or Legal Counsel). Aggregate, de-identified data may be shared with PARIM Board Members or other organizations (eg: PGME, Shared Health, etc.) as part of advocacy initiatives. PARIM recognises the confidential and sensitive nature of these answers and will under all circumstances protect your indentity.

Collective Agreement Violations

The purpose of this form is to collect instances of violations of the Collective Agreement in order to better inform advocacy initiatives.

Thank you for taking the time to bring these issues to PARIM’s attention!