Director-at-Large: EDID (formerly RDoC Representative) Candidates

Dr. Wendy MacMillan-Wang, PGY 2, Psychiatry

Hi everyone, I’m Wendy (Yushi) MacMillan-Wang,a PGY2 Psychiatry resident. I am so excited to be running for the RDoC Representative position (potentially EDID Director-at-large) for the upcoming academic year! Despite moving around quite a bit before residency, I call Winnipeg my home and fell in love with our wonderful “middle province”. It also makes it difficult to move when you have five cats and you’re only allowed one per person the the plane.
I have a strong interest in resident wellness and education. I am the current Manitoba Representative for the Committee of Psychiatric Education (COPE), representing our province in national meetings (with other program directors and residents) to discuss our Psychiatry curriculum and advocate for improvement in our training to better prepare us as attendings. As the previous Psychiatry Wellness Rep, I helped organize multiple events within our department such as retreats, social outings, and holiday parties. I frequently seek feedback to improve our future wellness events that would further help manage work-life balance.
Before medical school, I helped organized multiple TEDxMontrealWomen events and was the main liaison between our core committee and other speakers. This experience helped me develop strong communication skills and reinforced my ability to navigate negotiations effectively. I continued to use my strong interpersonal skills throughout medical school, acting as the Family Medicine Interest Group Dinner Coordinator to connect students interested in primary care with family medicine attendings.
I would like to not only advocate for Psychiatry residents but ALL residents in Manitoba. I will ensure timely communication between RDoC (if necessary), PARIM, and the resident body and always have our Manitoba residents’ best interests as my priority. I am confident I am a good fit for this position based on my combination of past experiences and my strong interest in representing our province!
Addendum: Understanding recently that the role for the RDoC rep is likely to be transformed to the PARIM EDID Director-at-Large position, I am still strongly interested in this new role. I believe the fundamental responsibilities of both roles are similar: to represent and advocate for all residents in Manitoba and making sure those historically underrepresented have an equal opportunity to voice their concerns. I will strive to work closely with PARIM to help develop this new position, and help out in any way I can depending on the needs of other committees. I am highly flexible and open to shaping this role to best serve our resident population.

Dr. Padma Sreeram, PGY 1, Pediatrics

Hi everyone, my name is Padma and I am currently a PGY 1 in Pediatrics who moved to Winnipeg from Toronto just about one year ago. I have come to learn so much about the unique strengths and challenges of training in Manitoba, and I would love to be your resident advocate on all issues related to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization. I have developed my passion and commitment to anti-oppression over the last several years through critical self-reflection on my positionality, and learning from my insightful friends and colleagues across various organizational levels ranging from the university to a national level.
As an undergraduate student at McMaster U, I served as a Director of a university-wide organization (36,000 students) representing, advocating for, and providing peer support to survivors of gender-based violence and gender-oppressed students. Here I learned the nuances of setting intersectional, anti-oppressive, anti-racist strategic directions for this equality-based organization, and provided formal equity-based consultations/recommendations to members of the university administration. Since then, I have strengthened my background in health equity and system leadership by completing a concurrent Masters degree in Health Systems Leadership and Innovation while attending medical school at the University of Toronto. I have co-founded advocacy organizations with sustainable roots, developed resources to improve our clinical learning environments, and more. I hope to bring the skill sets and knowledge I have developed over the past 5+ years, working with people who come from vastly different academic and social backgrounds than me, on scales as large as a provincial health system to my involvement with PARIM.
My vision for this role involves working with YOU, other PARIM committees and the PARIM Board, UofM PGME, and RDoC to identify and elevate resident needs to the required platforms necessary for change. I am committed to challenging both overt and covert forms of marginalization residents experience throughout our training. Together, I hope to build community spaces that cater to various marginalized groups and create opportunities for us all to learn from each other in the form of events and workshops. Eventually I would love to help establish strong partnerships between PARIM and community leaders across Manitoba to lend them our support in advocacy, and to connect motivated residents with meaningful advocacy opportunities.

Wishing you a Happy Spring Season and looking forward to working with you!