Executive Committee

Introducing the 2020-2021 Executive Committee:

Dr. Joshua Aquin, President

Dr. Joshua Aquin was born in Winnipeg, MB, and is a PGY3 Resident in Public Health, Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine. He completed his BSc (Psychology), BSc (Medicine) and MD degrees at the University of Manitoba, and previously served on PARIM as Primary Care Director and chair of FARC. In more travel-friendly times, Josh has taken part in two medical mission trips to the Philippines, and is also the principal clarinetist of the Winnipeg Pops Orchestra.

Josh is consistently inspired by the hard work and dedication of his colleagues, and is honoured to have the opportunity to represent his fellow residents as President of PARIM. He strongly believes that resident doctors provide a valuable, essential service to Manitobans, and is committed to advocating for resident wellness and cultural safety across all working and learning environments.

Please do not hesitate to contact him at president@parim.org. Your voice matters!

Dr. Nicole Cousins, Vice-President

Nicole is a PGY2 in Psychiatry with an interest in Women’s Mental Health. Originally from Calgary, she stayed home for her undergraduate degree before traveling the world and settling in England for her Master’s in Global Mental Health and then to Ireland for medical school. She was thrilled to return home to the prairies to train in Winnipeg. Nicole is a firm believer that residency should feel like a safe and enriching learning environment; and is a strong advocate for resident wellness, mental health and equality. These are some of the many reasons she is excited to be working alongside the PARIM team on behalf of residents this year.

Outside of medicine Nicole enjoys reading, pilates, and her growing plant collection. She is also an avid traveller, and has been to over 30 countries, with a constantly growing bucket list.

Nicole looks forward to hearing from you! She can be reached at: cousinsn@myumanitoba.ca

Dr. Bryan Janzen, Treasurer

Bryan is a PGY-4 Radiation Oncology resident. After growing up in Japan and Michigan, he finally moved to his country of citizenship, completing his undergraduate degree in BC and medical school in Manitoba. He first got involved in PARIM two years ago when he served as the Diagnostics Representative. Bryan is passionate about advocating for residents and is looking forward to serving on the Executive Committee for the coming year. When not using laser beams to zap cancer (closest he’ll ever come to being a superhero), you can find Bryan deep in a book about the Apollo program, playing wide receiver in football or spending time with his favourite people; his wife and baby.

Bryan can be reached at janzenb@myumanitoba.ca

Dr. Rebekah Rittberg, Secretary

Rebekah is a PGY-5 in Medical Oncology with an interest in research. She completed medical school and Internal Medicine training at the University of Manitoba. She became involved with PARIM last year as a Medicine Grouping representative and is excited to continue that involvement as secretary. Outside of medicine, Rebekah enjoys travelling, yoga, and spending time with friends and family. 

Rebekah can be reached at: rittberr@myumanitoba.ca

Dr. Esther Kim, Past-President

Dr. Esther Kim was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. She completed both her Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. She transitioned residencies from Internal Medicine to Diagnostic Radiology, and believes both of these experiences will enable her to be an excellent clinician. 

Esther values medical education and strongly believes that medical school and residency should be a welcoming and empowering educational experience. It was an honour and privilege for her to serve her fellow residents as PARIM President through contract negotiations and also the COVID-19 pandemic. She will continue to work hard for PARIM members in her capacity as Past-President and also nationally, as the President of Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC). Transparency and open communication remain her top priorities.

Outside of medicine, Esther likes to volunteer and mentor in her Korean community. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and also likes to travel. Her current bucket list countries include Greece, Peru and Singapore.

Do not hesitate to reach out to her directly at umkim227@myumanitoba.ca