Dr. Sabrina Lee, PGY 4, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Hi everyone! My name is Sabrina, and I am one of the PGY4s in Obstetrics & Gynecology. Throughout my residency, I was inspired by the way PARIM advocated for us residents. I believe positive change comes from both individual and systemic decision-making. As such, I joined the PARIM Contract Subcommittee. Feeling empowered in speaking up for my peers, I continued within PARIM and had the privilege of representing the Perioperative programs on the Board of Directors. Having found my voice on the Board, I am now excited to be running to support you as the next PARIM Vice-President.

With your backing, I believe I am suited to the role of PARIM Vice-President. I have built organizational, leadership and communication skills through my involvement informing priorities for contract negotiation, creating community for learners from under-represented groups in medicine, and facilitating pathways to support survivors of intimate partner violence. Thanks to the Clinician Investigator Program, I have developed skills in knowledge production and policymaking by completing MSc Reproductive & Sexual Health and MSc Health Services Research (Health Policy). These experiences will allow me to navigate this responsibility with confidence and capability.

My goals within this role are to effectively support the incoming President in her responsibilities, assist PARIM in representing resident interests in this new stage of the pandemic, and positively contribute to contract negotiations with Shared Health post-accreditation. Consistent with our President-Elect, I view equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) as a key area needing to be addressed. With my lived experience as a Black woman of low-income background, I hope to bring representation and a different perspective to discussions on equity for under-represented and marginalized folks.

All in all, I believe the resident experience can be both rich and extremely challenging. I hope to be an approachable peer who advocates strongly for the important stakeholders that we are.

Thank you for this opportunity and looking forward to working with you some more



Dr. Kaien Gu, PGY 3, Internal Medicine

Hi! I’m Kaien Gu, aR3 in internal medicine who will be starting my fellowship in adult rheumatology this summer. Over the past three years, I have been a part of PARIM’s Finance Committee (FARC), working to evaluate and optimize financial and legal risks to PARIM. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to serve as your Treasurer for the upcoming year.As we start looking beyond Covid, we, both as individuals and an organization, will face new opportunities and challenges, whether it be increasing prices of our morning coffee, need for labor negotiations, or the pandemic’s effects on the health and wellness of PARIM members. Recognizing and understanding that these events have direct impact on PARIM, its bottom line,and its ability to provide for its members is important. Through the position of Treasurer, I hope to use my term to not only work with our internal stakeholders to enhance PARIM’s annual audit and budget, but also with PARIM’s partners in banking and investment management to evaluate our organization’s approach to risk and to identify areas where we can do better. I believe that my knowledge of PARIM, through my presence on FARC, is critical to facilitating this. 

Ultimately, my goal as Treasurer is to capitalize on opportunities that will allow PARIM to further invest in itself so that we, as residents, may ultimately derive increased benefit from the organization that we are a part of and collectively contribute towards. Of course, should you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at any time!



Dr. Matthew Thiessen, PGY 2, Internal Medicine

Hello friends and colleagues! I am a PGY-2 resident in internal medicine who spent this last year on PARIM as one of the Medicine Group representatives. It was an exciting year where I was lead planner for the PARIM holiday celebration, helped plan resident doctors appreciation week and was very involved in the pre/post-accreditation strategy and material development (ie. the Townhall in a Box). Additionally, I am passionate about resident wellness, and have represented PARIM on the PGME wellness working group. I was also able to bring many resident concerns to the attention of the board as your representative.

This coming year I hope to serve you as the Director-at-Large. I have experience with the main role of the director at large – chairing the events committee – as I was involved extensively in event planning this last year on the social & wellness committee. I will continue to advocate for resident wellness. I want to create a warm and welcoming environment for new and continuing residents from the Welcoming Party to the end of the year.

This last year was such an amazing experience being your representative on the board, and I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue this work.

Resident Doctors of Canada Representative


Dr. Calvin Howard, PGY 2, Neurology

Hi, I’m Calvin, one of the second-year neurology residents here at the U of M. Last year, I got involved with PARIM as one of the Medicine Representatives. It was a great deal of fun, and I got the chance to represent the internal medicine specialties during this critical year of accreditation and contract negotiations. I also hoped to go beyond that and design and implement the recent PARIM Excellence in Medicine and Excellence in Research Awards, which should hopefully be available for residents to apply for this year, along with some other reworkings of how we support outstanding residents. I am hoping to continue my involvement with PARIM this year as the RDoC representative, as I have always had a keen interest in national-level initiatives with previous Canadian Federation of Medical Students committee leadership. My hope is to continue representing the values of Manitoba’s residents and interns at the national level while advocating for the things I wish we could have more of in residency—research, innovation, and support for residents to breathe life into things they are passionate about. Further, within PARIM itself, my hope is to take a deep dive into our finances and help the treasurer to set up a longstanding and healthy financial portfolio—if we are lucky, this might have a healthy impact on what PARIM can provide for residents in the future.