PARIM Board Election 2021

The election is now closed. Thank you to everyone who ran and to everyone who voted!

Board Groupings
There are five groups of Programs which will elect a Board Member Representative (two Member Reps in some cases).

  • One (1) Delegate from the ‘Primary Care’ grouping 
  • Two (2) Delegates from the ‘Medicine’ grouping 
  • Two (2) delegates from the ‘Peri-operative’ grouping
  • One (1) Delegate from the ‘Diagnostics’ grouping 
  • One (1) Delegate from the ‘Rural, Remote and Bilingual’ grouping 

To find which grouping your program falls under, see the PARIM Bylaws here: Article 5 – Program Groups for Board positions. For the 2020-2021 Board, see here.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Attend all PARIM Board, Advisory Council, AGM, and relevant committee meetings.
  • Chair or Co-Chair one PARIM Committee or sit on two Committees. For information on the Committees, see here.
  • Act as an advocate for PARIM members.
  • Act as a liaison between their program grouping and the Board.

See the full description of Duties and Responsibilities listed in the Bylaws:Article 6 – Board Duties & Responsibilities

All nominations must be submitted by Monday, July 12, 2021.Voting will take place between July 16-22. Voting will be online; ballots will be sent by email. The new Board will be announced on July 23.

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