A Message from the PARIM President

Dear colleagues,   

I would like to again express my appreciation to each of you for your continued dedication and hard work during these uncertain times. As cases of COVID-19 increase in our communities and healthcare facilities, Manitoba’s resident healthcare professionals have stepped up and adapted to the seemingly endless changes with grace and resilience. A most sincere thank you.  

The PARIM team remains committed to representing you at local, regional, and national levels. Some of the most recent advocacy efforts include: 
-Communicating with multiple stakeholders (including PGME, RFHS and Shared Health) about the inadequate Wi-Fi access in healthcare facilities.
-Advocating to Shared Health to reimburse personal cell phone usage for work purposes, and/or the addition of a data plan to Shared Health cell phone devices. 
-Pausing the short-notice decrease of the CCFP exam leave period that was mandated to be in place immediately. Through PARIM’s intervention, the application of this policy has been deferred to provide residents with more reasonable notice. 
-Reviewing and providing feedback on program-specific return of service contracts.
-Participating in PGME committees and the newly formed RFHS COVID-19 Working Group, to ensure resident voices are heard at all levels. 
-As we have always done, responding to and assisting residents with queries and potential violations of the Collective Agreement.   

In addition, PARIM regularly engages with resident associations nationally through our membership with Resident Doctors of Canada. This forum allows us to learn from our colleagues across the country and monitor changes that may affect Manitoba in the future. As your president, I also continue to represent residents on the Doctors Manitoba board.   

PARIM is privileged to have a highly dedicated team —including our Executive Director, Executive Assistant and Legal Counsel— as well as the residents on our board and committees. This is your professional association, and there are many ways in which you can get involved. Join our committees, attend our events, and always feel welcome to share your feedback and concerns with us. Lastly, we hope to see you at our first Advisory Council meeting on October 20th (details to follow). This meeting provides a forum to learn about PARIM’s current activities and ask questions of our board and executive members. Your voice matters.  

Stay safe and be well, 
Dr. Joshua Aquin
President, PARIM