AGM – Attendance Required for Program Stipends!

PARIM’s AGM will take place Wednesday, May 20 via Zoom. There are many programs that still do not have representation. Please note:

  • Small Programs – 10 (ten) or fewer residents, send one rep, receive $500 per program
  • Medium Programs – 11 (eleven) to 30 (thirty) residents, send two reps, receive $700 per program
  • Large Programs – 31 (thirty-one) or more residents, send three reps, receive $1000 per program

In order to receive this stipend, each program must send the appropriate number of delegates or representatives to the AGM. If the Program also has members who are on the Board of Directors, these will not count as representatives towards the program stipend. If you are uncertain of the number of representatives needed for your program, please contact [email protected] to inquire. Attendance will be recorded at the AGM.