PARIM Collective Agreement Update

In June of 2019, PARIM presented its position at an arbitration panel regarding the Collective Agreement. PARIM is pleased to announce that the arbitration Award includes the following highlights with regards to the renewed Collective Agreement with Shared Health:

  • Three year agreement from 2018 to 2021 including wage/salary increases of 1.5% (plus 1.28% for PGY-1), 1.25%, and 1.5% respectively.
  • Increase to On-Call compensation rates in each year of 1.5%, 1.25%, and 1.5% respectively.
  • Increase to monthly stipends for Chief ($319.40 from $300.00 per month) and Senior Administrative Residents (50% of the Chief’s Stipend).
  • Increase in sick leave with pay entitlements from 30 days to 45 days.
  • A Resident may request no on-call duties for up to 14 consecutive days before a major certification exam (which shall be granted subject to approval from their Program Director or Department Head).
  • The costs of professional liability insurance to be shared on a 75% (WRHA)/25%(Resident) basis, with the maximum annual contribution of any Resident fixed at $625.00

Please note that:

  • Salary increases have been implemented on October 18, 2019 and new salaries should be reflected on the November 7, 2019 pay deposit.
  • Retroactive pay (commencing on July 1, 2018) was granted November 1, 2019 with respect to the following areas: wages, On-Call stipends and Chief/Senior Administrative Resident stipends.
  • All other enhancements regarding the renewed collective Agreement are effective as of September 6, 2019 (the date the Award was issued).

The written renewed Collective Agreement is currently in process and will be available online once completed.