Royal College Exam: FAQ

  1. All candidates sitting online exams have successfully completed them so far. There have been some minor issues with delayed start times and language barriers with support staff.
  2. Use Chrome or Firefox for online exams.
  3. If sitting an online exam and you do not receive an email for your exam, check your junk mail then email the Royal College right away.
  4. Bathroom breaks are allowed for online exams. There is no limit to the number of breaks and time away will be recorded.Candidates are to be trusted as professionals during these breaks.
  5. Candidates can bring water and snacks (non-allergens, non-crunchy/loud) to exam sites, and PPE will be provided.
  6. Marks will be released as soon as possible and when the college is confident they can release scores without errors.
  7. The Royal College is understanding that candidates have wellness concerns regarding the postponement of the exam. They are going to be looking at scores and performance this year compared to previous years and if there are differences, they will address accordingly at that time.
  8. The Royal College will soon begin addressing concerns and planning for the 2021 exams.
  9. For those needing to enter Canada to sit the exam, travel with ample time beforehand. At the border, it is recommended that you state you are traveling for critical credential for ongoing delivery of healthcare services. There has been one incident thus far with an examinee traveling the day prior who was held up at the border. It was escalated to the College and they were able to sit the exam as planned.

For further information, please refer to the FAQ on the Royal College site: