PARIM Secretary Candidates

Dr. Reuben George, PGY 1, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hello everyone, my name is Reuben George, PGY1 resident in obstetrics and gynaecology. I am originally from Toronto, who went to medical school and partially trained in Australia. Throughout this time, I worked on numerous councils and committees to improve the outlook for international medical students securing rural placements as well as internships. Some of the councils and committees I was apart of and/or led were the Australian Medical Student Association International Student Network, James Cook University International Student Association, and James Cook University Medical Student Association. Furthermore, I was able to further my passion for advocacy for international medical students by creating an international medical student mentorship program, which aided international medical students in their transition to Australia. In these positions, I worked with numerous stakeholders and organized meetings representatives across Australia. I believe as secretary of PARIM, I will be able to bring my unique set of skills that I have gained in Australia to help move PARIM forward over 2022-2023. I believe my skills in organization, communication, and advocacy will benefit not only PARIM as an organization, but most importantly its members.