PARIM Vice-President and Director-at-Large(EDID) Election: Results

The PARIM Vice-President for 2023-2024 will be Dr. Danielle Stepnuk, and the Director-at-Large EDID will be Dr. Wendy MacMillan-Wang.
As there were no nominees for Secretary and Director-at-Large Social & Wellness, these positions will be up for election along with the rest of the Board in July. Stay tuned for more information!

PARIM Secretary (Executive Position)

  • Identify and address member concerns and needs for information
  • Chair the Communications & Membership Outreach Committee
  • Assist with social media and other forms of communication
  • Attend all PARIM Executive, Board, and Town Hall meetings
  • Represent PARIM at various committees

PARIM Secretary Duties

PARIM Director-at-Large: Social & Wellness (Board Position)

  • Attend all PARIM Board and Town Hall meetings
  • Chair the Social & Wellness Committee
  • Plan the annual Welcome Event
  • Represent PARIM at various committees

PARIM Director-at-Large: Social & Wellness Duties