President-Elect 2024-2025

Candidate Statements

Dr. Matthew Bzura, PGY 3, Internal Medicine

Matthew is a PGY-3 resident in Internal Medicine who will soon be joining the Infectious Diseases / Medical Microbiology fellowship at the University of Manitoba. Prior to his training in Internal Medicine he completed his undergraduate medical training at the Poznan University of Medical Sciences (Poland) and a Family Medicine residency at the University of Saskatchewan.

Matthew’s unconventional academic journey afforded him the opportunity to work with others from all walks of life. He served as a Lead Medical Resident (LMR) for both his Family Medicine and Internal Medicine residency programs where he was directly involved in resident advocacy and wellness, program development, and policy design. Matthew also served on PARIM’s Executive Committee as PARIM’s Secretary where he played a key role in the advocacy for fair working hours, wages, and conditions in a way that sought to ensure contract fairness, improve resident wellness, and provide residents with meaningful support during workplace disputes. Most cherished by Matthew was that he was able to become a parent during residency which cultivated thoughtful insight into what family planning means for residents. Outside of residency, he enjoys spending quality time with his friends and lively Polish-Trinidadian family.

Your ideas, your voice, your vote – matters. Residents are the horsepower of the healthcare system and Matthew hopes to earn your support to ensure resident interests well-represented at the forefront of healthcare. He is humbled by the opportunity to put his name forward for a role in an organization that has meant so much to him.

Dr. Davis Hongdao Dong, PGY 1, Plastic Surgery

Born into an immigrant family, I’ve always embraced the values of hard work, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. As the first member of my family to pursue a career in medicine, I’ve navigated a path filled with challenges and triumphs, driven by a deep-seated desire to make a difference in the lives of others. Advocating for myself, my family, my fellow students and the community, has been a passion of mine.

My journey has always been shaped by a commitment to advocacy and service, which I’ve honed through four years of dedicated involvement in student government at Western University. Now, as a surgery resident in Manitoba, I stand poised to leverage this experience and passion to serve as a strong voice for my peers as the president of PARIM.

My candidacy is rooted in a steadfast dedication to advocating for the rights, compensations, wellness, and work-life balance of medical residents. Drawing upon my own experiences and the collective concerns of my fellow residents, I will tirelessly champion initiatives that prioritize their well-being and professional development.

With a proven track record of leadership and a deep understanding of the issues facing medical trainees, I am prepared to be a relentless advocate and spokesperson for every concern our residents have. Together, we will work collaboratively to effect positive change, ensuring that the voices of residents are heard and respected at every level.

Dr. Betty Hui Yu Zhang, PGY 3, Anesthesiology

I grew up in a small town in rural Ontario and completed my medical education at McMaster University and the University of Ottawa. Manitoba is where I now call home with my partner and our 20+ beloved houseplants. Having experienced the medical education culture of different universities, I see value in fostering more collaboration and exchange of ideas with other provincial resident associations.

In my role as PARIM Perioperative Delegate, I have heard your suggestions to expand outpatient prescribing privileges and increase vacation flexibility to be congruent with other provinces. Next year, we will be renewing our contact with Shared Health. As your PARIM president, I will advocate for a contract that gives residents more flexibility to balance their personal lives and academic interests outside of clinical work. I will increase transparency around how reports of contract violations are handled to empower residents to share their concerns. After all, a contract is only useful if it can be enforced.

As the current chair of the Financial, Audit and Risk Committee, I am helping lead the financial oversight of PARIM’s investments and utilization of funds. More than ever before, it matters that every dollar placed into your dues is invested in programs that help promote resident well-being, like through the post-call transportation program and funding for resident-led initiatives.

Let this be just the beginning. I am excited to join you in growing the resident community in Manitoba and make life as a resident just a little bit easier.