Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave

The Maternity/Parental Benefits Program has been in place in Manitoba since April 1, 2002.  The purpose of the program is to provide partial income replacement for a physician parent who wants to take a temporary leave of not more than 365 days from their Manitoba practice because of the birth or adoption of a child. Residents are eligible for this program under the terms of the PARIM contract.  The program provides benefits for a maximum of 17 weeks of leave, which must commence within four weeks before or six weeks following the birth or adoption of a child.  Claimants must take a minimum of two weeks leave.  The maximum benefit available to claimants is $1,200 per week depending on the claimant’s prior income.  The actual weekly benefit is calculated as 60% of the average gross weekly earnings (from Manitoba Health) over the best six months of the last twelve months of practice before the birth or adoption of the child.  In addition claimants are allowed to earn $1,000 per weekly benefit period from all other sources without penalty to their weekly Doctors Manitoba benefit. For more information on the Doctors Manitoba Parental Benefits Program see Appendix C of the Collective Agreement.


  1. Request a Maternity/Paternity leave form be completed by your home program and be sent to the PGME office.  The PGME office will notify MSAS, Payroll, CPSM and PARIM once received.
  2. Contact Barry Hallman ([email protected] or 204-985-5865) at Doctors Manitoba for information about the maternity/ parental benefits program.  The application must be completed and returned to Doctors Manitoba within 6 months of the date of birth of the child or adoption.
  3. Visit Human Resources and Skill Development Canada ( and click on the link to Employment Insurance to fill out application form. Need to know gross pay over 2 weeks. Need to know Employer’s name/phone number and address (Shared Health at 650 Main  St., 926-7000)
  4. The first 2 weeks with Doctors Manitoba and EI are unpaid. With Doctors Manitoba, must hand in or mail in form every 2 weeks. Need voided cheques for EI and Doctors Manitoba.

Further Resources

The Manitoba Online Child Care Registry

The Online Child Care Registry makes it easier for families to find and apply for licensed child care in Manitoba.  It provides information about child care providers, lets you register with as many providers as you want in your neighbourhood and surrounding area, and places your child’s name on the waiting list of all the providers who meet your needs. The information you provide (contact information, child care needs, etc.) can also be quickly updated with all the providers at the same time.

Resident Doctors of Canada

Resident Doctors of Canada has published a guide to having a family during Residency: