PARIM has a number of Committees, each chaired by a Board member. Calls for volunteers from the general membership usually take place in late August through September.


The Awards Committee is responsible for the quarterly Resident Spotlight Award and for the PARIM Resident and Staff awards which are handed out annually at the Resident Appreciation Gala.

Communications & Outreach

The Communications & Outreach Committee serves as a link between general membership and the Board, and also between the public and general membership.

Financial, Audit and Risk Committee (FARC)

FARC assists the Board in its financial and legal oversight responsibilities.


The Governance Committee develops governance practices and policies to keep PARIM running smoothly.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee is involved with recruitment, development, and performance evaluation of PARIM staff and volunteers.

Social & Wellness Committee

The Social & Wellness Committee plans and implements social and wellness events throughout the year.