New Residents

Welcome to PARIM! In this section you will find information and links often requested by new residents.

College of Physicians & Surgeons Registration

Residents in Training Programs: Medical graduates who meet the requirements for full registration may on request be issued a license entitling practice only within the residency program.

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Extended Medical Benefits

Extended Medical Benefits, Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, Disability Income as well as a Dental Plan are provided through Shared Health. Doctors Manitoba provides residents with other services, including life and disability insurance. As of 2010, all residents are required to buy insurance from Doctors Manitoba.

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Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

As per the Collective Agreement, Medical Residents are required to maintain Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) professional liability and malpractice coverage. Please note that as of July 2020, CMPA will no longer be accepting third party payments. Residents will need to pay the premiums. and then apply for reimbursement from Shared Health. Shared Health will repay all but the smaller amount of 25% or $625.00.

Non-medical Residents are required to maintain appropriate professional liability and malpractice insurance acceptable to the Employer.

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Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME)

Please view the PGME forms for Trainees and the Handbook for New Residents.