Collective Agreement 2018-2021

Please note: The 2018-2021 Agreement will be in effect until the next Agreement is ratified.

2018-2021 Collective Agreement Download

Call Requirements as of July 12 2021

The contract is negotiated between PARIM and our employer, Shared Health. The current Collective Agreement is in effect from July 1, 2018 until the next Collective Agreement is ratified.

If you have been required to perform duties outside of what is permitted by the PARIM Collective Agreement, please complete the Contract Violation Form (link below).

Contract Violation Form

The rates of pay negotiated into the current Agreement are below:

YearRate July 1, 2018Rate July 1, 2019Rate July 1, 2020
PGY 1$58,777$59,512$60,404
PGY 2$65,067$65,880$66,868
PGY 3$69,794$70,667$71,727
PGY 4$75,164$76,103$77,245
PGY 5$80,533$81,540$82,763
PGY 6$85,904$86,977$88,282
PGY 7$91,166$92,306$93,690
PGY 8$98,285$99,514$101,707