PARIM Awards 2024

Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 PARIM Awards!

Resident Professionalism – Dr. Katherine Ross-Hopley, PGY 5, Anesthesia
Resident Mentorship – Dr. Chitbhanu Singh, PGY 5, Emergency Medicine
Resident Teaching – Dr. Prabjot Singh, PGY 4, Anesthesia
Excellence in Research Award – Dr. Andrew Fast, PGY 2, Orthopedic Surgery
Excellence in Medicine Award – Dr. Drew Mulhall, PGY 5, Orthopedic Surgery
Staff Educator of the Year – Dr. Robert Gourlay, Emergency Medicine
Staff Mentorship Award – Dr. Emma Markstrom, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Awards Descriptions

Attending Awards 

Educator of the Year – Nominate an educator who is committed to residency education and demonstrates effective leadership and mentorship ability. 

Staff Mentor – Nominate a staff who consistently supports residents in both professional and personal growth, as well as resident wellbeing.

Resident Awards 

Resident Professionalism – Nominate a resident who adheres strongly to ethical, moral, and legal principles of medicine while demonstrating respect and compassion.  

Resident Mentorship – Nominate a resident who demonstrates consistent support of professional growth, personal growth and wellbeing of residents. 

Resident Teaching – Nominate a resident who is committed to learner education, in medicine, ethics and professionalism and demonstrates effective leadership and mentorship ability. 

Excellence in Research Award – recognizes the excellence of resident-driven research. A published or unpublished manuscript may be helpful to include but not required.   

Excellence in Medicine Award – recognizes a resident who has demonstrated excellence in their residency activities. Longstanding and convincing record of excellence. This includes but is not limited to diagnostic or treatment skills, adherence to superb ethical/moral/legal aspects of medicine, compassionate care, or demonstrated commitment to ongoing professional development. A letter of recommendation from teaching faculty within the University of Manitoba is strongly encouraged.  

* Note: All Resident Awards will be associated with a monetary prize and engraved plaque of recognition. 

Previous Award Recipients

Award Recipients 2023

Resident Professionalism – Dr. Megan Moorhouse
Resident Mentorship – Dr. Michael MacMillan-Wang
Resident Teaching – Dr. Katrina Leong
Excellence in Research – Dr. Sina Hafazi
Excellence in Medicine – Dr. Rachel Ward
Staff Educator of the Year – Dr. Anurag Trivedi
Staff Mentorship – Dr. Caroline Kowal

Award Recipients 2022: No awards given

Award Recipients 2021

Resident Professionalism – Dr. Umar Ismail
Resident Mentorship – Dr. Lauren Whittaker
Resident Teaching – Dr. Mackenzie Gregg
On-Site Educator of the Year – Dr. Darren Leito
Off-Site Educator of the Year – Dr. Vishal Kaushik
Staff Mentorship – Dr. Biniam Kidane

Award Recipients 2020

Resident Professionalism – Dr. Alysa Almojuela
Resident Mentorship – Dr. Esther Kim
Resident Teaching – Dr. Mikhail Roy
On-Site Educator of the Year – Dr. Brian Schmidt
Off-Site Educator of the Year – Dr. Mohammad Ansari
Staff Mentorship – Dr. Jillian Horton

Award Recipients 2019

Resident Professionalism – Dr. Carly Scramstad
Resident Mentorship – Dr. William Turk
Resident Teaching – Dr. Brittany Perija
On-Site Educator of the Year – Dr. Christian Petropolis
Off-Site Educator of the Year – Dr. Doug Hobson
Staff Mentorship – Dr. Debrah Wirtzfeld