CMPA Updates

January 21 2021: Please see this memo from Shared Health regarding deadlines and how to submit receipts.

December 23 2020: A reminder to all residents to pay your required CMPA dues for the 2021 year. You should have received an invoice directly from the CMPA. If not, please log into your CMPA online account to view your invoice. All residents are now expected to pay their dues directly to the CMPA, either as a lump-sum for the year or via monthly payments. Please retain your receipts, as Shared Health will reimburse 75% of your dues.We have requested further details regarding when receipts must be submitted and when reimbursements are to be expected. Furthermore, we have requested guidance on how residents at the end of their training (i.e. graduating in the middle of 2021) should pay their 2021 dues. We hope to provide you with detailed instructions and answers to these questions in the next couple of weeks.

November 18, 2020: PARIM has confirmed with Shared Health that all those who paid their CMPA dues in full and submitted a receipt on-time this fall have received their reimbursement. In most cases, this will appear on your Sept 24, 2020 paystub as a negative deduction of $661.50. It is done this way to ensure it is not taxed as income. If you are concerned that you have not received reimbursement, please email

August 13, 2020 message from PARIM President Dr. Joshua Aquin regarding CMPA fee reimbursements.

Please see this June 4, 2020 joint statement from PARIM and PGME regarding CMPA payment.

Coverage and Reimbursement Information

*Receipts should be emailed to for reimbursement. When submitting receipts to Shared Health, please use the subject line: “CMPA REIMBURSEMENT REQUEST” in your email.*

As per the Collective Agreement, Medical Residents are required to maintain Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) professional liability and malpractice coverage. Non-medical Residents are required to maintain appropriate professional liability and malpractice insurance acceptable to the Employer.

While the Collective Agreement stipulates that the employer is responsible for paying all but the lesser amount of 25% or $625.00 of Residents’ CMPA fees, CMPA is no longer accepting third party payments as of June 2020. This means that, as of July 2020, Residents will need to pay CMPA directly, and then be reimbursed by Shared Health.

In accordance with the PARIM Collective Agreement, residents will be reimbursed appropriately whether you choose the annual or monthly pay option. However, the timing of the reimbursement will depend on your method of payment. 

According to CMPA, the 2020 annual fee for Residents and Fellows in Manitoba is $1764/year or $147/month (whether you moonlight or not). Please see the CMPA Fee Schedule.

If you have further questions for CMPA, please see their FAQ page or call CMPA directly at 1-800-267-6522

Once you receive your receipt of payment, email the receipt to . Please note that you can obtain a Statement of Account by signing into the CMPA member portal, however, monthly payments will only show as paid once the monthly payment is completed.