Leaves of Absence

Various Leaves of Absence have been negotiated into the PARIM Contract. Residents are responsible for making arrangements with Shared Health and/or the appropriate Program. See the PGME Leave of Absence Policy

Education Leave

All Residents are eligible to take Educational Leave. Leave must be approved by the head of Shared Health or designate, with four weeks’ notice given.


Examination Leave

All Residents are entitled to take a leave for any Canadian or American Professional Medical certifying and/or licensing examination. This leave is subject to approval from the appropriate Program Director or Department Head, but shall not be unjustly withheld. A Resident may request no on-call duties for up to fourteen days before the exam. There should be no loss of pay or vacation time.


Bereavement Leave

All Residents are entitled to three (3) working days of bereavement leave with pay, as well as up to two (2) additional working days with pay for travelling time, in the event of the death of a spouse, common law spouse, parent, spouse’s parent, grandparent, sibling, child, legal guardian or legal ward.


Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave

The Maternity/Parental Benefits Program has been in place in Manitoba since April 1, 2002.  The purpose of the program is to provide partial income replacement for a physician parent who wants to take a temporary leave of not more than 365 days from their Manitoba practice because of the birth or adoption of a child. 

How to Apply for Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave