Extended Health and Dental Benefits are administered through Shared Services. All PARIM employees are eligible for HEB Healthcare, HSC dental and EAP coverage. For more information, please see here:

For information on Healthcare see the HEB website:

For information on dental and EAP see the Manitoba Blue Cross website: Please note that dental benefits begin 3 months after you begin your residency.

End of Residency: Benefit coverage stops at the end of the month following the last premium deduction, and EAP continues for 3 months after employment. Please contact HEB directly at 1-888-842-4233 for any specific questions or to find out the exact dates that your benefits will end.

Please contact (send from your work email) OR call E-Health @ 204-940-8500 with any questions.

Doctors Manitoba provides PARIM members in medical programs with additional insurance, including life, disability income, accident and extended health care. For more information see here.