Call Conversion Form

Looking to convert your home call to an in-house call? Here is the form that is sent directly to the WRHA for your conversions. These show up 4-6 weeks after a conversion is done on your pay stub.

Saturday, NOV. 11, 2017 - Statutory Holiday: If a Resident is scheduled for Nov. 11, they must be scheduled for at least 8 hrs, bet. 0000-2400. This entitles the Resident to a paid day off during the same rotation (agreed upon by Resident and appropriate WRHA official). If this does not occur, the Resident shall be paid out at the rate of Resident’s Annual Salary/365.

If a Resident is not scheduled for Nov. 11, there is no stipulation in the Agreement for a day off to be provided in lieu, unless the Resident is on vacation during that time.

See Article 8.04 in our Collective Agreement (click here).

Proposed Tax Reforms

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) has sent an open letter to the Minister of Finance to address the Government of Canada's proposed tax reforms. Click here to read the letter.