CMPA Reimbursement

All medical residents must maintain liability insurance through the CMPA, and must pay their annual dues to the CMPA directly. As per the PARIM Collective Agreement, Shared Health will reimburse 75% of you CMPA dues. Please follow the following steps to have your reimbursement processed:

  1. Pay your annual CMPA membership fees directly to the CMPA (online at You may choose to pay annually or monthly. Contact the CMPA directly if you have issues with accessing your account.
  2. Obtain a copy of your “Statement of Account” (via logging into the CMPA website). 2022 Statements are now available.
  3. Email your Statement of Account to Shared Health ([email protected]) by February 7th.
  4. You will receive your reimbursement on your paystub. Please see the attached document for reimbursement dates and timelines: CMPA Reimbursement Schedule

Please let us know if you have any questions.